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He goes by the letter “L.” L is real? You’re familiar? Yeah, I hear things. That giant smuggling ring in Eastern Europe, practically handed to police on a platter. L would like to speak with you regarding the Kira investigation. Okay. When? Right now. L Hmm, Detective Turner. What is this? A one-time offer. I’d like to ist you in the capture of Kira. Why me? The FBI, CIA have hundreds of men on this. I’ve been in communication with Interpol and the FBI, but I believe you have something they do not. What’s that? An in-depth understanding of potential suspects. Why would I have a better understanding? The FBI thinks the killer is operating out of Japan. Because of the name Kira. Ah, but the name is an intentional misdirection. He wants us to believe that he’s Japanese, operating a half a world away. He’s not. Kira’s in Seattle. Shall we help one another? students chattering indistinct announcement over PA “Justice for the Wicked.” What is this? It’s a site for Kira worshipers. They put up names of people that deserve to die. Light Holy . Mia Rapists, pedophiles, human trafficking, murder. This guy killed four people in a house fire. I don’t know. How do we know that it’s real? What do you mean? What if somebody ed your girlfriend and you put him on the list to kill him? What would you do if some guy ed me? stammers Oh, I’d kill him. Yeah? Yeah. You’d kill him? Yeah. You’d kill him? But that is the reason why we can’t kill people based on website rumors. It’s not like that. These are real people with real problems, and they’ve been ignored. They need our help. L humming Light’s father Figured you’d be older. And that I’d be able to see more of your face. Yes, well, I find I’m not in a very trusting mood these days. I took the liberty of moving your evidence to a more secure location. Oh, I can see that. Were you gonna let me know or? Wow, this is very, very impressive, James. Your men must be proud. Ask your partner how my men think about me these days. So you did all of this yourself? Even more impressive. Please, James, have a seat. Rest your glutes. Mm-mmm. You’ve made two mistakes. This is zero day, Kira’s first recorded murders. But previously, on April th, convicted felon James W. Brode had taken his wife and children hostage. I remember that. You think that was Kira? L Initial speculation was that his behavior was drug-related, but lost in the ensuing crush of Kira activities was the fact that Brode’s toxicology had come back clean. The stand-off had never made national news, and it was only broadcast on local Seattle stations. So that’s how you knew he was here. I infiltrated your network in order to ensure that there hadn’t been a data breach. Prior to my access, the network was intact. Did you just hand me evidence you hacked the Seattle P.D.? I handed you evidence that whoever Kira is, they have access to the database from the inside. Kira’s one of ours. Here’s a cross-reference list of officers and their access as well as the dates of Kira activities. The Federal Administration has agreed to make resources available to us.

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