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We can begin seeing who was where when. What are you gonna do? I’d like to start by speaking with Kira. Sure you are. low chuckle cameras clicking reporters chattering taps echo over speakers cell phone ringing Hey. Light, turn on the news. The individual known as Kira, as I’m sure you’re aware, has taken credit for over deaths. Oh, . While we don’t know how he kills his victims, we do know how he chooses them. Prior to these deaths, all of the victims have had their identities released to the media. This would suggest that Kira is not some omnipotent force. He’s a person like you or me. He is also a coward. A child wielding power he does not understand, mistakenly believing in doing so, he’s at no risk to himself. He’s wrong. Kira, if you’re watching this, know that I am coming for you. Unless, of course, you’d like to kill me right now. cameras clicking chuckling Now I’m rooting for this guy. Would you shut the up? No? Well, in that case, Kira, I shall be meeting you face-to-face very shortly. Who does this guy think he is? chuckling What the was that? I have a theory. Kira cannot kill by simply sight alone. He needs a name and a face. Every victim we’ve seen so far fits this pattern. So you antagonize him on purpose? While withholding my identity from the record. Now, we know that he wants to kill me but is unable. And what if you’re wrong? Then, James, I’d be dead. Either way, we’ll have gained valuable information. He always pull this kind of stuff? thunder rumbles Light You guys getting close to catching Kira? Oh, I’d say the haystack’s down to a hay pile. Still a lot of hay. I saw the press conference today. Who’s that guy on TV with the turtleneck? You like that look? I’m thinking of taking it myself. Hmm. Goes by L. He’s an independent investigator. Wow, so you don’t even know his real name. About the only thing I know is he’s got some handler named Watari. Really likes ice cream. He’s connected an awful lot of dots. Do you think he’s connected the dots because he’s Kira? I don’t think so. He has a history of cracking big cases. Besides, I think you can tell when you’re sitting across from a killer like Kira. Right. Of course. What happens when they catch Kira? Well he’s murdered over people, so, my guess it’s probably gonna be a fight between those who want to hang him and those who want to dissect him and figure out how he did it. You okay? Yeah. Ryuk cackles You put someone on my kid? We agreed that everyone with access needed to be thoroughly vetted. I did not see it prudent to have you investigate yourself. What? We’re not talking about investigating me. We’re talking about having my son followed! I investigated you prior to offering my istance and concluded you are not Kira. As for your son, he may have access to databases around which we have centered our search. Therefore, deserves the same scrutiny as anyone else that fits that criteria. No, he’s a kid! Yes. A particularly bright kid. You know what? If you had any questions about my son, you should’ve come to me. woman Here you go. Light Even if they’re suspicious, I don’t see how they can prove it.

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