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My fear was dying. And how others would react to it. My own mum and dad and my brothers and sisters, I was They had to find out through social media, I didn’t tell them. It actually took a month and a half after I was diagnosed that my own father came and found me. And the state that I was in, it wasn’t a good state. Yeah. HUIA: We all supported him. Yeah, it didn’t change anything. Just treated him the same way we would. You know. So, yeah It doesn’t change him as a person. He’s still the exact same person we met, you know, when he first started working there. So, yeah CRASHING, SCREAMING AND GROWLING GROWLING SCREAMING SPEAKER: Get away from my baby! SPEAKER: My hands! My hands! MUSIC AND SCREAMING SPEAKER: Chainsaw! CHAINSAW NOISE, SCREAMING RADIO CRACKLE BETH: OK, go again. BETH: Copy, INAUDIBLE , thank you. I’ll get it done now. Oh, so, what’s happened is we’ve had some customer who’s got a really bad fright and crapped their pants. ANDY: People certainly have a fascination with fear and, you know, sometimes people will be absolutely terrified and in the extreme they might wet themselves and so on. SCREAMING And you think, ‘Why are these people doing this?’ And maybe it’s testing themselves, maybe it’s peer pressure often as well. But ultimately they’re there to have fun and we train the actors so that they understand the boundaries of when it’s moved beyond fun. So sometimes we have to Shh for some customers because you know they’re right on their personal limits. BETH: It’s so sad when that happens and, I mean, we try really hard to look after them because, you know, I mean, if they are traumatised, that actually, it’s real, it’s absolutely real. And it’s so important that we keep all the actors away from them and make sure that they feel safe. We had one girl who came back and she said, “I was so sure I could do it this time, this is the fifth time.” And I’ve talked to myself and I’ve told myself that it was all just make-believe and everything was going to be OK. But it’s not.” So I don’t know if she’s going to come back for a sixth try. ANDY: Yeah. BETH: Yeah. SOPRANO SINGS ARIA MUSIC CONTINUES MUSIC CONTINUES INTERVIEWER: And why do you think people want to go to this maze to get scared? That’s why they come to get scared. DEBORAH: I have no idea. I don’t know. I’ve never understood horror. I’ve never understood horror stories, probably because I’ve spent the bulk of my life being so anxious and living in fear. The idea of doing that purposely to yourself which essentially is what I did it doesn’t sit with me or resonate with me at all. I’ve got no understanding of that. I get my thrills from doing very ordinary things because ordinary things are extraordinary for me. Going out, being able to get in the car and drive somewhere, that’s extraordinary. For someone who’s been incarcerated for years, that’s extraordinary. Being able to get up when you want to, admittedly I have to go to work and do things like that but I get to drive there. INTERVIEWER: And what do you do now? DEBORAH:

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