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I sent it to her in a file. They have it. As I told you, we’re a very large organization. We don’t talk to each other. You don’t talk to DC? N-no. It. it’s, uh. This is the problem with the SEC. I’ve been saying this for years. I mean, you have to have better communication. How are you supposed to be able to do your job. .with a fraction of the information? Well, we’re trying to get all of the information. Well, don’t you think you should start by talking to DC? I mean, I got.my whole office here .is wondering what’s happening. You come in with that jacket, .it embarrasses the hell out of all of us. And this? It’s a cartoon. It’s an old article. It’s four years old. And you’re asking me questions about an old article. .with a silly cartoon? And you haven’t spoken to DC. Are we, um.are we waiting on your lawyers? I never have lawyers in the office. .when I’m talking to regulators for two reasons. One, I’m not doing anything wrong. Two, I know the rules better than most. .because I drafted a majority of them. And we haven’t met before, .but we have very strong relationships. And I was on the short list for SEC director. Yes, we. we know that. If you need anything at all, I’ll be in my office. There’s no such thing as an inconvenience. Thanks. I’m here. Oh, um, .by the way, are these securities with the DTC? Of course. We’re gonna need your account number. .just so we can verify the assets. Oh, Bern, you’re killing me. . . Great, thank you. Do you mind if you take that jacket off. .before you go out there? Oh, um. Just. Sure. BERNIE’S:(VOICE) One call. All the SEC had to do was make one call. .and they would’ve seen that everything was fake, .that there was nothing there. But they never called. DIANA: You just gambled that they wouldn’t call? BERNIE: It was more than a gamble. It was. .it was a leap of faith, if you will. DIANA: You wait, knowing what they will find. .if they make that call. I can’t imagine what that was like. It was.it was excruciatingly difficult. At some point, you figured. I figured that they didn’t do it. They just didn’t follow up on it. (DIANA SIGHS) If you didn’t plan on killing yourself. .or going into hiding, .how did you think it would end? Well, it was almost like, uh. .it sounds horrible to say it now. .but I just wanted the whole world to come to an end. When happened, I thought this was the only way out. The world would come to an end, I’d be dead, .and everybody would be gone. But, I mean, I could’ve kept it going. I could’ve covered everything. Even after the fall of ‘, I had enough commitments of cash that would’ve come in. So I could’ve, you know. I.I. I just got tired. (SIGHS) I knew by Thanksgiving I was gonna give it up. I was gonna stop. (DRUMS PLAYING) (REPORTERS’ VOICES OVERLAPPING) Financial turmoil in the US. Wall Street in crisis mode. Wall Street on red alert. Bear Stearns has effectively gone under. The largest bankruptcy in US history. Unprecedented. This is really shaking the foundation of Wall Street. A lot of money and a lot of jobs. America’s economy is facing unprecedented challenges.

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