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All of this taking a devastating toll on stocks. Single biggest point drop ever. FRANK: I’m sorry to bother you. I just got another call you’re gonna love. Yeah, go ahead. Bank Medici’s .pulling out million, Bern. Stanley Chais has been draining us all goddamn year, .and this is on top of Fairfield’s withdrawals. I delivered for these people for decades. .and now they’re all running for the hills. Bern, we can’t keep getting hit with these redemptions. We gotta find a way to conserve. I think we should lower the returns. Are you kidding? That’ll cause a bigger panic. They’ll all pull out, the greedy s. We can’t do that. Well, we gotta do something. We’re treading water like a paraplegic here. MAN: I was just saying. Hold on, let me get rid of this idiot. The joke on the street is that Bernie’s like the Jewish T-bill. Very funny. I’m on the phone. I’m on the phone. He’s that safe. I’m on the phone. I’ll introduce you guys later. He’s gonna love you. See if you can rattle Fairfield’s cage. In the meantime, I’ve got a few ideas. Fairfield? Yeah. All right. RUTH: Uh-huh. Nice, nice. MAN: Not in a bathing suit. Me neither. Hey. Hey, kid. I heard you’re the one who hustled. .those penny stocks in that ty office you had downtown. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s me. Can you believe I’ve known this man for years? Carl, listen, I wanna tell you something. Not now. There are some real opportunities in the market right now. .and I wanna make you aware of them. Not now, Bernie. I know, I know. Not now. I know. I wouldn’t tell you about them. .unless they were really, really important, okay? I don’t want you mad at me you missed out. All right. How much do you want me to put in? . On top of the million I already have with you? Yes. The market in shambles? It’s plummeting, but now is the time to take advantage. I’m so exposed. That’s exactly why I’m proposing this to you. I’m afraid I’ll be arrested for public indecency. Oh, I’m not doing it with everybody. It’s just a few people. All right, all right. Enough. Okay, and you are family. I’ll tell you. Listen, I’ll think about it. Okay. Okay? But don’t take too long. In all seriousness, don’t take too long. Please don’t take too long. Carl. I said it. I will think about it. Period. I love you, I respect that. Thank you very much. rich people. Parasites. You’re in a mood. (CELL PHONE RINGING) I gotta take this. FRANK: Well, I just got off the phone. .with that cocksucker at Kingate. He’s pulling out million. Do these people not understand. .how a split-strike works? Do they not understand? Hold on, I got Fairfield calling me back. Hold on. Yeah? Hey, Rick Jarvis. We met at the club a few months back with Solomon. Well, look, while I got your attention, I just exited this private equity venture with a five X return. I’m looking to put that money to work right away this quarter. Well, unfortunately, that’s not possible. I haven’t told you how much. Well, it really doesn’t matter. $ million. (SIGHS) I’m sorry, but the fund. .is fully subscribed for the quarter. Even in this market?

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