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Online Radio shmuFM, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

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I am climbing and have lost position in cloud. Please advise. Center, Yankee Zulu X-ray. Hey, what the hell is going on? I can’t raise anybody. What do you mean you can’t raise anybody? Mayday mayday mayday. Yankee Zulu X-ray. Approximately miles east of Patterson VOR, altitude unknown, instrument failure. Please respond. Mayday mayday mayday. Yankee Zulu X-ray. Sara? No one’s answering. There’s nothing. Just dead air. Jesus Christ. So what do we do? I don’t know. You don’t know? You’re the pilot. Get us out of this! Okay, what about the procedures? You said you wanted to reduce power. I can’t risk it now. Visibility is zero. And without instruments we could fly straight into a mountain. Hey, what did you do? Huh? You let him fly the plane. He probably ed something up. He didn’t do anything. Yeah well, somebody did. Yeah yeah yeah, he’s right. You know what? This is your fault, Sara. This is not my fault. How long have you had your license anyway? Long enough. You only checked out on one of these things, what, like a week ago? Jesus Christ, I can’t believe I was stupid enough Sal, will you just calm down? You’re not helping. Maybe I missed something during the preflight, I don’t know. Maybe you missed something? Oh, there you go. We need to contact traffic control. If they still have a radar fix on us they can talk us down. Um, cell phones. Does anyone have a signal? No. Wait wait wait. , I got nothing. Same here. Think. Shit, something’s wrong. We’re stalling. I have to go to maximum power. Bruce? Bruce, God damn it! There’s a pilot operating handbook underneath the seat. Can you give it to me, please? You want to check the manual? I thought you knew how to fly this thing. Just give it to me, please. Give it to me! Go to section . Now what? The maximum takeoff weight. It should say somewhere. Uh, ,. Okay, if we’re over that the stall speed will change. What’s the basic empty weight? . Sal, how much do you weigh? What? How much? Uh, , why? Mel? . . Bruce? Bruce, please. Um, . Okay, I’m plus for baggage.

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